Born Liverpool 1962

Graduated in Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design Illustration from Kingston University Surrey 1984

2015 Member of the Arborealists -


I grew up amongst artists and scientists, submerged in the interplay between. Fundamentally my painting attempts to associate these disparate ways of seeing, these two disciplines, unifying them.

The paintings indicate how all is connected macro to micro, centred on the associated relationships of trees to each other, wider flora and fauna. For me trees are individuals that are markers of time, from an arboreal fashion statement in parkland, a veteran surrounded by amenity forestry, an avenue for war, the coppice, the orchard or native wildwood, they place human beings in context and mycelium, that trees play symbiosis with, the real influencer.

I am absorbed by pattern repetition from bole to leaf tip, trying to pare down the form of different species, keeping the genus recognisable yet focusing on what can appear as signs and symbols as much as structures.

In recognising the integral role of micro-organisms, the vital component for a healthy ecosystem, I take pleasure in sensing the invisible network of mycorrhiza weaving patterns, the universal languages of signs and sometimes chemical formula; the tool of industrial agriculture. These layers interplay on a seemingly pastoral scene, elements combining in dialectic.


2017 Art in the Garden 

2017 Arborealists Poitiers

2017 Arborealists Nature in Art Museum

1993 Symbols & Words John Herbert /Tessa Beaver Herbert Art Gallery

1992 Westonbirt Arboretum

1992 Sculpture trail Leamington Art on the Move

1998 Leicester City Gallery

1987 Cartwright Hall Art Gallery

1985 The Ecology Gallery

1985 Museum of Mankind


1997 Woman’s Hour Radio 4

2000 Gardner’s World TV

2005 The Royal Horticultural Society The Garden publication

2004 Channel 4 ideas factory publication

2004 Arts Council England “Are the Sockets the Same in Shanghai?” publication

BECTA – British Educational Communications and Technology Agency - Film 



1990-1995 New House Upton-on-Seven 12-acre gardens

1997-1998 Leamington Old Town Public Art - Arts Council

1998 -2000 Miner Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council/Arts Council

1999 Brighton Exhibition Centre Arts Council

1999- Present Hill Close Garden’s Trust Warwick 

2000 GLOW Year of the Artist Public Art Arts Council

2000 Hobb Meadow Garden Jubilee Arts/Arts Council

2000 Beasts on the Cedar Lawn Charlecote National Trust

2001 The Emscote Sculpture Garden WCC Arts Service

2001-2003 3 Aqueducts Public Art British Waterways

2002 Earlswood Lakes Public Art British Waterways

2004 Kersley Secondary School Public Art Arts Council


Spitting Image, New Scientist, Common Ground, The Ecology Gallery, Cartwirght Hall, Leicester City Art Gallery, Herbert Museum and Art Gallery, Derby City Art Gallery,  Craftspace Touring, British Waterways, The Miners Union, The National Trust, Kew Gardens, Compton Verney, Arts Council, Westonbirt Arboretum


1991 Kew Gardens Travelling Fellowship– Brazil under the auspices of Guillam Prance

2000 Arts Council of England Year Of The Artist: Glow – Dunlop/MOD/Arts Council/Public Art West Midlands.

2002 Zibby Garnett Travelling Fellowship – International Festival of Art in the Garden, Jardins de Metis Quebec

2003 Investors in Young People British Business Award

2006 Social Enterprise of the Year British Business Award


1991 Brazil Bororo Tribe Mate Grosso - Botanical Drawing comission

2005 EU Commission in Brussels Strategic Direction in the cultural sector on behalf of West Midlands 

EU Study Awards Portugal 2004 & 2006 Poland 2009 Sardinia 2010

2012 -Present- Culture, Environment and Education Morocco