I paint outside, which for me is the only way for me to immerse myself in what is, in effect, truth of Nature. I respond to the in-between, feeling my way with my senses, painting in transition.

My painting is an exploration of the “Imaginal Realm” described by Henry Corbin,  “the world of the image, the Mundus Imaginalis: a world that is ontologically as real as the world of the senses and that of the intellect. This world requires its own faculty of perception, namely imaginative power”

One of the most fascinating ideas that is generated for me in the study of myth is the concept of between spaces. All cultures seem to have some concept of a way to negotiate the feeling of infinite possibility that can come over anyone who gets lost in a particular (mostly creative) space
— Myth and Creativity: The Role of the Artist, Allison Stieger