I grew up amongst artists and scientists, submerged in the interplay between. Fundamentally my painting attempts to associate these disparate ways of seeing, within these two disciplines, unifying them.

The paintings indicate how all is connected macro to micro, centred on the associated relationships of trees to each other, wider flora and fauna. For me trees are individuals that are markers of time, from an arboreal fashion statement in parkland, a veteran surrounded by amenity forestry, an avenue for war, the coppice, the orchard or native wildwood, they place human beings in context and mycelium, that trees play symbiosis with, the real influencer.

I am absorbed by pattern repetition from bole to leaf tip, trying to pare down the form of different species, keeping the genus recognisable yet focusing on what can appear as signs and symbols as much as structures.

In recognising the integral role of micro-organisms, the vital component for a healthy ecosystem, I take pleasure in sensing the invisible network of mycorrhiza weaving patterns, the universal languages of signs and sometimes chemical formula; the tool of industrial agriculture. These layers interplay on a seemingly pastoral scene, elements combining in dialectic.